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The Performing Arts Parent Organization was formed in 2016 to assist the Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre departments at High Tech HS.  The PAPO functioned under the auspices of the HCST Foundation which is a non for profit organization.

In its inaugural year, the PAPO was successful in:

  • Providing support to the teaching staff thus enabling our instructors to maximize their time with the students and their productions by:

    • organizing and managing food supply the nights of performances and practices

    • managing the concessions table and 50/50 the nights of performances

    • promoting our Performing Arts Department through publicity in local newspapers

  • Fundraising in the following forms:

    • acquiring food and food supply donations from restaurants and stores for some nights of performances and practices

    • acquiring donations from local corporations/businesses to benefit the junior and senior dancers on their trip to Virginia

    • our Capital Campaign which raised about $10,000.00 in the first two years.  The Performing Arts department and its students will benefit from the Capital Campaign proceeds including master classes, guest artists, new instruments and costumes just to name a few.

In 2019, we did some reorganizing and thus changed to the Performing Arts Advisory Council (PAAC) but will still operate in a similar fashion. Regardless of its name, we need YOUR SUPPORT!  

Meetings are typically held once each marking period where we invite all of the Performing Arts families to attend.   


Parental involvement is essential for the success of the organization with the main goal of supporting the performers.


PAAC Board Members


Melissa Rada: President 

Lucia Zhanje:  Vice President

Connie Gallo:  Secretary

Nicole Oliver: Representative

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